Friday, August 10, 2012

Texans and Voting

As citizens to a democratic nation, it is our duty to vote. Majority of Texans, as well as many other Americans, choose not to do so without realizing the consequences of their actions. How can we get more Texans to vote? And why is it important that we do?

To get more people to vote, we need to start getting kids more educated about government and the importance of it from an early age. If we continue making cuts to education, especially in Texas where we are already doing horrible statistically when it comes to education, this problem is only going to continually get worse. I only remember taking one government class in high school. I obviously did not learn much about it either because I came into a college government class basically clueless. If we start early on, I think we can get more involvement in the voting process overall. We could also look at ways to make voting less of a hassle, such as implementing a way to vote electronically or being able to mail in votes. More people need to make an effort to inform the public on the importance of government. We need to get some of the celebrities off the television screen and spend more money advertising something important, such as getting more Texans to vote and letting them know why it is important.

Why do we need to vote? Our vote is our voice in government and a way for us to show what we believe in and how we think our government should run. Many are quick to complain or judge the government, but when most don’t make it to the voting polls, we don’t really have a right to make complaints or pass judgement. It is our job as Texans and Americans to vote and we need to start better informing the public of the importance of it.

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