Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is the SEIU really up to?

In the blog, "SEIU should work to stop illegal immigration", posted on July 21, 2012 by Doug Weiskopf, who is a founding member of the Houston Organization of Public Employees (HOPE), Weiskopf discusses the reasons the Service Employees National Union (SEIU) should work to stop illegal immigration. His intended audience is most likely SEIU supporters and those who are opposed to its actions to inform readers of what he thinks their truly about. 

Weiskopf had been closely following a recent janitors’ strike that was being led by the SEIU. He supported it and was happy the outcome was a in the janitors’ favor. After getting more acquainted with the SEIU, though, he thinks they have been deceptive in expressing what their true intentions are. He says if they were really worried about improving pay for the janitors’ and creating better working conditions for them, they would work harder to decrease illegal immigration. Instead he claims their real intentions are to increase the agenda of the Left wing of the Democratic Party.

I think Weiskopf has some pretty good personal evidence to prove his case. He came to these realizations after sitting down with the SEIU personally to discuss contract negotiations and to write their first constitution with HOPE. He says it was at this time that he saw what they really meant to do. This is just based on his personal opinion, though, so there is reason why I might have to take a deeper look into the SEIU before just basing my opinion off of his blog.

All in all, his logic makes sense to me. He says stopping illegal immigration is a way to make substantial improvements in working conditions for the janitors’ and increase their pay, but that this is a route they have not taken. I would do more research before I form my own opinion about the SEIU, though.

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